"Thank you Gi!  That hit the spot!"  Rachel Fleischman, Dancer, Core Faculty and Catalogue Workshop Teacher at the Omega Institute, all-around amazing human being!

 “A massage with you is always good, Gi!” Jack Canfield, Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“The Reflexology was incredible! Absolutely amazing!” John Perkins, Author, Confessions of an Economic Hitman

"I have to give some public accolades to a humble man. My friend Gi Pämperien has helped me more in two massage sessions than any of the numerous other therapies and massages that I've had in the last several months. It feels good to be moving in the right direction. Thank you, friend." Tammy Good, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist, Friend

 “The yoga, as well as the Thai massage and craniosacral, were absolutely amazing!” Laura Day, Author and Facilitator, How to Rule the World From Your Couch


 “Gi was able to pinpoint my areas of pain and stagnation, both physical and emotional, and gently and  deeply transformed them in just one session.” Dr Thomas Francescott, ND, Dr Tom's Tonics, Naturopathic Physician and Educator


"Gi's abilities as a massage therapist extend far beyond. He is a healer of body and mind from the moment you walk through the door. He provides a unique experience of peace and rest which nourishes the body and heals the soul. He comes highly recommended."  Dr Lorri Darrow PHD


"I have received bodywork from many people across the globe and can say from experience that Gi is one of the most intuitive, gifted body workers I have ever come across. Gi possesses a natural depth of kinesthetic awareness, deep integrity, warmth and wisdom."  --J.H


"Gi has been a healing angel for me. I came to him exhausted, aching and quite disconnected. I surrendered these ills during his deep tissue massage, gave them over to him and afterward walked differently with pains in my back nearly dissolved. His is a truly healing manner. I will not easily forget his kindness, surprised that he is so humble being such a powerful healer." Kandi Rosenbaum RN


"Skilled in massage, Shiatsu and releasing energy blockages, Gi immediately establishes rapport, both physically and spiritually. I have received body and energy work treatments for 12 years and Gi’s extraordinary abilities are highly recommended." Rebecca Austill-Clausen


"I awoke this morning feeling better than I ever have the morning after receiving body work.  I had a deep sleep... what a blessing.  When I awoke I found myself free of much of the aches and cranky joints I normally experience upon awakening.  AND my body felt much more in holistic alignment.  This was another prime example of creating an opening for healing and having it show up.  l listentened to my body which seemed to cry out for this type of massage (Thai massage) and to you, of course.  Thank you for sharing your amazing skills and energy.  I will schedule another session with you soon.  Aloha & Namaste, GLE"  


"Thank you Gi!  Another amazing Benefit with your skilled hands and heart connecting with the guests.  What a gift for all!   Thank you - thank you - thank you. I am so grateful for you ongoing commitment to Omega, the Wellness Center and to the guests (and staff) that pass through.   All are so very fortunate for everything that you offer.  Your heart, dedication, skill and delightfulness shine through each and every day.  Amazing all around. You rock! With deep gratitude and appreciation.  Thank you for all you do!"   K.C.


"I've been attending workshops at Omega and Kripalu for over 15 years and over that period of time I have received a number of bodywork treatments at these two facilities, most of which are adequate, some of which are sadly inferior and only one which has been stellar (I know of what I speak, as I am a massage therapist, yoga teacher, qiGong teacher and mat Pilates teacher; I am body aware and have a keen appreciation for excellence and a healthy disdain for incompetence).  But to the point: the ONLY stellar massage I have received has been from Gi. I've had a ten day Thai massage training and over the years have received Thai massages from other practitioners, but Gi surpasses them all (including my Thai bodywork teacher at Kripalu). Gi has amazing skills and infuses his practice with competence, compassion and focus. During my recent two week stay I booked with him twice and recommended him to my classmates."  Will Coons 


"Run, do not walk, to experience the most incredible healing therapy and extraordinary massage that gi offers through his yoga inspired body work, he is the best!"   Elye Weinberg Neuhauser Yoga Teacher and Trance Dance facilitator extraordinare




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